It's OK America, we've reached the point in our story where you can just come out and say it "I don't like black people and I wish they would all sit down and shut up." Just go ahead and say "It was (probably) better when the blacks didn't really have a choice and just did what we told them to." I think we'd all be better off as a country, if you simply said "Hey blackie, get back to cleaning the house, working the fields, and in your off time, entertain us won't ya." Or better yet, just say IT "We gave you an inch, you took a mile, and we want it ALL back!"

Because that's the truth, and no matter how many flags you wrap it in, that's what we're all hearing anyway.

Oh, Colin kaepernick, how Dare you have feelings?!?! Let me break it down and give you a real life comparison...In case you're still confused.
In 1990, Rosanne did it first, and she did it better.
Roseanne wasn't blacklisted, fired, or publically ripped apart for purposefully and disrespectfully butchering the national anthem in a public performance. She shouted, spit, and grabbed her crotch during the performance, showing her disdain for this nation loudly and in front of millions. Her show's ratings went up, and she went on for seven more seasons.. What's the difference here folks? Well, he quitely took a knee, and was only seen, not heard (until you asked him). Roseanne made a mockery of the anthem, and then laughed about it. She's White, and he's Black! No need to dance around the truth folks, you're racist, we're racist. Whether it's conscience or not, you're either a racist with strong opinions or you're a bandwagon racist because "Right is Right, right?" If that realization makes you upset, or offends you, then work on it, don't blame me for calling you out on your not so subtle RACISM.
You think it's OK to excuse one race for deemed "unpatriotism" but not another. You think it's OK for people of different statures to be treated more harshly for the same perceived crime. "LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" nope!

The White Nationalists and Neo Nazis have the right idea. They hate everything that's not White, and don't make excuses for it. They don't hide it behind this political stance or that pop culture icon's views. They are who they are. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Their views might be reprehensible to me personally, but I can respect these groups for their honesty and integrity. They're not going to "bless my heart" in person, and then call me a nigger or a "they" behind my back. All the niggers, and "you peoples" are to my face, and there is something suprisingly refreshing about upfront and honest racism in this day in age.