Aug. 22, 2018

So What Exactly are we Fighting For?

I was going to give up on this whole blog thing. I figured, no one cares. Plus I'm uninspired as of late; probably due to my lack of sleep and spare time. Well, then inspiration came a knocking... I ignored said inspiration for days; but it grabbed hold anyways... Dang it!

I try to understand all sides of any issue, the arguments, but most importantly the history and the background of "Why" with completely open eyes. I don't like the feeling of not knowing or not understanding something; I was the 3 year old who asked "why" because I honestly wanted to know. That being said, here goes another one....

So, in case you missed it, another "Confederate Statue" came down. This statue in North Carolina (The Silent Man on the campus of UNC) wasn't sanctioned to come down, rather a group of "Woke" yet imprudent students decided to, for lack of better words, "Knock it over " after more legal and political attempts to have it removed failed.
I'm not here to comment on how the police pictured seemed to protect a statue more than human lives, or the university's response, or even argue whether this was good or bad/safe or dangerous. I'm trying to suss out my feelings, and get down to the why.

I had to ask myself some redundant, yet necessary questions.
Keep these Statues in Place:

Why should we keep these statues? What do these men/groups of men represent for our Nation? Who and how does it affect the public? Do people actually LOVE these monuments?

Tear them down.

Why should we tear them down? What do these actions represent, and who and how does it please the public? How does this action represent our Nation? Is it going to positively change the lives of people of this country?

The Confederacy was made up of "Slave States" that banded together as a group of Insurgents against the American Government. They fought against the laws and movements that would Unite these states, fought against federal taxation, federal rule that would incite what is now our armed forces and homeland security, and of course fought against the Abolishment of slavery. They fought for the Conservation of "American Values".
When it's boiled down, there was no actual NORTH and SOUTH, it was simply The Confederates vs. The United States of America. Is that not the very definition of TREASON? Any history book will attest to these simplified goals of the confederacy, hell any "true confederate" will do the same. I could go into more detail, but you really don't want me to (long winded is an understatement).

As stated above, I learn about things before I speak on them and most definitely before I form an opinion. Knowing the history of what the confederate army stood for, knowing what they fought for... As a human, I, Felicia Wood, can only surmise that those individuals who either blindly or purposefully believe in, wear in any form or fashion, fly a flag of, etc... the symbol that represents the Confederacy (the confederate/rebel flag) are making a bold statement. That statement including but not limited to "I'm RACIST and I'm PROUD!" "I feel that the advancement of the nation is a violation of MY superior rights, and anything ANTEBELLUM should be law." "I'm a TRAITOR, a turncoat AGAINST the United States of America!". When I see your flag flying from your pick-up, when I see it on your ballcap, and even the teeny tiny one on your keychain, I hear these statements blaring in head. My mind is made up, as painful as it is.

Defending these actions only makes it worse in my eyes. I have yet to hear a single (educated) defense that can serve as an excuse, a justification as you will.

"My Grandfather served in the confederate army, I'm honoring his memory, my country, and my family". 😇
~I'm sorry for your loss, but this is the wrong side of history, and I don't think he still cares.

"I feel that it just represents Southern Culture, so I wear it/fly it". 🙅🏾‍♀️
~Feigned ignorance just doesn't sell anymore. You know what you're doing, and if you don't you bes' ask somebody!🎶

"He/She is old, they don't know any better"
~Old people are supposed to be cute and uncaring. Not riotous and angry.

"I like the design and colors of the flag"🙄
~I. Just. Can't! 😵

"I don't mean to offend, but it's part of American history and I'm proud of it." 🤷🏾‍♀️
~So... We told you that it's offensive, and you just don't care. Ah... Cool. Coo. Cool.

My favorite from the informed among us:
"That's not at all what the war stood for, so that's not why I support it's monuments and memorabilia"🤦🏾‍♀️
~OK then, why? I'm waiting for a single good reason... Waiting...

Listen, YOU don't have to care about my opinion, but I can do nothing except care about yours, while at the same time ceasing to apologizing for having feelings, for having a thought on the matter.

Sidenote: Germany doesn't hide it's past of former Dictatorship rule, they don't hide the Genocide; but they also don't flaunt it either. They don't have numerous statues of Hitler and the Nazi regime. They don't celebrate a communist regime... So, why do WE need to? Am I comparing the civil war and accompanying keepsakes to Nazi Germany; yes (but on a much smaller scale).

PSA: If someone repeatedly tells you that something is offensive and hurtful to them and they tell you exactly why, but then you continue to do it; that makes you an incourigable SOCIOPATH by definition (I didn't write the dictionary, I just read it for fun as a kid). That makes you someone who has zero regard for other human beings and their feelings. This may be a reputable quality to some. But not so much to me.