Jun. 16, 2018

~The moment I realized How Awesome My Gandma Was~

I was about 7, and I fell sick at school. I was a tiny mess; vomiting, and I'm pretty sure I had a fever as well. Mom was at work, and couldn't leave, so the school had Allie Douglas come pick me up.

We went back to 217 Amanda Drive, you know that perfect house on the hill with the cherry tree in the front yard. She set me up in her bedroom for a day of R&R. Anyone who knew her, knew that you DON'T EVER SIT ON GRANDMOTHER'S BED; "you admire the spread without touching the bed." And when it's time for sleep, you peel back a small corner large enough to fit an Allie, and sleep like a propped up, and immovable Queen.

That day, she must have seen the illness in my eyes, because she didn't hesitate to peel back a corner of the intricate bedspread at the foot of bed to fit my miniscule, pitiful frame.

She had these little crystal tea cups, and that day she gave ME one to sip from. My tea cup was filled with ginger ale, and it sat along side a plate of plain lays potato chips. She said that the ginger would help my tummy, as would the salt of the chips. Genius!

We hung out all day. She read me bible stories, told me about my grandfather, and introduced me to her abundant collection of rings.

When my mom arrived to pick me up, I was so excited to see her. Yes, I missed her, but mostly I wanted to tell her about this amazing lady I got to hang out with all day, who it turns out I would have the privilege of calling "Grandma" for the next 25 years.