So This Mass Shooting Thing

Feb. 17, 2018

Nikolas Cruz; A name that speaks of both Scandinavian and Latin roots, allows us to automatically afford our latest mass shooter freedoms and excuses as well as harsh judgements and condemnations. Skin white enough that granted him the luxury to make it to McDonald's, Walmart, and safely into police custody without being accosted or god forbid SHOT DEAD!
"“He looked like a typical high school student, and for a quick moment I thought, could this be the person who I need to stop?” said Officer Michael Leonard.""~The New York Times. The arresting officer admits this... out loud... IN PRINT

"He's a troubled kid" "He's mentally ill" "Why didn't someone hear his calls for help? " Why does someone with fair skin always need an excuse as to why they are a bad person? Brown, he's be a terrorist. Black, he'd be a thug. But no guys, don't do this to the mentally ill, this kid's actually a murderer; a murderer with a long history of violence in his short life, and with way too many firearms to his name. *Guns don't kill people, people kill people... WITH GUNS! *
And no, I don't mean to say 'alleged', because he not only confessed and admit to these allegations, he walked us through his premeditation and then the acts of violence in grave detail. The boy has also been known to brag about his guns and how he likes to torture animals. 🤔😲

Terrorism by definition is: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

This kid used an unlawful act of violence in order to intimidate, terrify, and traumatize an establishment in which he used to be a member of to get his point across. That point being, he disagrees with their policies (he was expelled) and organizational practices (he didn't have many friends there). To me that sounds like a targeted act of terror. But I don't make the rules.

I just can't anymore! 

Whenever one of these tragedies strikes, the same thing happens. The (media) debate over gun control. Yes they are an issue; specifically automatic firearms, you would be a single brained dolt to argue otherwise. When people are dying, it's not a debate, it's details. How, when, why, how long???
There's never been a drive by stoning, and if there were, the casualty rate probably wouldn't hit 17 in a matter of minutes.
Why again do we argue about things that aren't 'really' going to change while families are out there living it... suffering. Children are fighting for breath, fighting to live. A mother is losing a son. Communities are devastated. But no, Twitter wars, memes, Facebook videos, and nasty comments, because that's gonna fix the country's problems.

Another Mass shooting ,and we are in exactly the same place , how's that for progress ?