Justin... Justin... Justin

Feb. 4, 2018

Oh Justin... What are you doing?!

First of all, you present us with the album, "Man of the Woods". Really, Mr. Sexy Back, R&B, Pop, Soul? If your goal is to gain a wider fan base by tapping into your "country roots", power to ya buddy, we all know that country music fans are plentiful, bountiful, generous, and so so loyal. But just so you know, your old fans didn't go anywhere. Well not until tonight anyways... Justin we can handle a flopped album, but you've gotta own it.

If you didn't or don't know, I'll go ahead and educate you. Justin Timberlake performed the half-time of Super Bowl 52 tonight. He looked like a sexy camo covered hobo (like ,wtf was that suit JT?!). As we know, Justin Timberlake also performed Super Bowl 38 with the multi talented Janet Jackson in an event that has been infamously dubbed "Nipple Gate". Pretell, why would they ask Justin back for redemption and not Janet? Is it because he's promoting a new album? Well, I didn't hear a ton of his NEW music. Why would Justin come back and not offer up redemption or a tribute for that woman who offered him shared and not so humble beginnings?

I realize my 'first of all' was a while back... But secondly; Justin performed and barely sang. He lipped half of the time; come on man! Impeccable dancing/choreography, great crowd interaction, and the stage and props were on point without being too much. But honey, we love your voice, pick your battles and let us hear you, not the track.

My third point and beef with this whole thing is the Janet situation. I just need to air this for a moment.... Whew! Janet and Justin are both adults who knew EXACTLY what they were doing. WARDROBE MALFUNCTION MY BIG FAT ASS!! They did it, and were hoping that America was in a cool, trendy, and progressive state of mind to think they were bold for the act. They were simply not expecting the negative backlash. PR came up with this stupid lie to cover it up (pun very much intended). And of course the woman, the woman of color is blamed for everything. She's indecent, thoughtless, and has single handedly ruined the innocence of the American family. The FCC doesn't know what to do, so of course she must pay literally and figuratively. How was the sweet little white boy who literally sang at the exact moment of ripping her top off "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song" to know that she wasn't properly attired underneath her leather catsuit?!..
  Tell me wardrobe department how was that nonexistent pastie supposed to stay adhearent on top of a nipple with a spiked sun shaped nipple barbell/ring anways if we were to buy this silly excuse?! Prince has been dead for how long (rip legend 🙏🏾) and yes he was from Minnesota don't ya know,  and he gets a hologram but Janet can't even get an "I'm sorry for what went down, let me do one of you songs" moments .

Lastly, you're promoting a new album are you not? I personally don't like it (it's a bit too bipolar for my tastes which is unfortunate, because this was my year to live it up at a JT concert), the critics don't like it, but using the platform you were given may be your only chance for album redemption... Use your live Super Bowl performance to make certain songs seem larger than life. Use that live performance that will be seen by more than 114 million people to show us how awesome of an experience listening to this album could be if only we imagined the amazing accompanying performance! But no, fair Justin bitched out and gave us what we wanted, what we knew, and what we love. We sang along, danced in our chairs and imagined a pre-flannel JT.

I just don't know Justin, I can't Stop the Feeling that you're headed down a long painful road that may last 500 Miles ... Justin look in the Mirrors, find your deeper soul, put on your Suit and Tie and let's get to work; we'll get the Supplies and we'll fix this. We need to Bring Sexy Back and we need to do it fast. Take off the Flannel, at least for public events, and get serious. We can do this; we can Take Back the Night!