BookAche: A short

Sep. 25, 2017

My old book injury is flaring up, and at the worst time EVER; I've got a new sweet baby in my life to snuggle. Yep, you heard correctly; I suffer from chronic Bookache. 😔 We bibliophiles hold and contort our bodies in ways unimaginable to lesser men... All in the pursuit of an epic read. My most recent "two book one afternoon" marathon left me with my worst injury yet. I've self-diagnose this one as "Mild cervical disc herniation/displacement resulting in nerve irritation, shoulder pain, arm weakness, and generalized Muscle Quitting ™ï¸ (you know when you send a movement impulse to a muscle, and it's like "No, eff you, I'm done!")"

I'm sharing my recent struggle with you all in order to bring awareness to the little known disorder we in the Biblio Biz call Bookache. I mean, I'm writing/typing this entry with my left hand due to this real and debilitating disorder. It starts off as simple black eyes and busted lips from dropped books and e- reading devices while engaging in horizontal reading, and then it grows, becoming this widespread cog. 87% of young adults suffer from back pain. (Real fact) Just a small percentage has been linked to Bookache. Help spread awareness and take care of our young readers... Help take care of yourself.

#BookinAintEasy Read safe out there my friends... Read safe📖

**This in no way is meant to make light of, or diminish the established causes for actual medical and psychological diseases and cancers**

*Felicia has lost zero friends in the pursuit thoughtful and hilarious commentary*