This is OUR America

Aug. 13, 2017

Try to take down a civil war memorial, and the Confederates will be upset. For some reason it is still the biggest upset in American history. People make "damn Yankee" jokes like it is still relevant. Every single person that still harbors ill feelings regarding this war will say it's got nothing to do with racism, but I can't honestly say that I'm completely convinced. Publicly memorializing a morally shameful part of our history is downright silly, irrational, and is obviously hurtful for millions. We fought each other. Killed each other. Imprisoned Each Other... Over the right to OWN people, and over the rights to write our own rules (on a state level). Tens of thousands of Americans and Slaves (I'm not sure if they were considered people or Americans then; semantics) slayed to just "give up" in the end. Yeah, I understand your great great great someone may have fought in the war, and maybe even given their life (and I'm sorry for your family's loss) but honestly, what in the hell does that have to do with the here and now? Honestly, I'd like to know. My great great great was a slave, and another great great great was a slave owner, and their both dead too; so... Should I have some feels that I'm missing? These things don't make for "peaceful protests and gatherings."

So Virginia happened; and we are asking why. We are pointing fingers at the Orange guy. But, we can't blame this shit on Trump you guys. This isn't Trump's America, this is OUR AMERICA. This is us. This is who we are, and who we have always been. The history of America is this. We buy and sell people. Literally. We introduce our less fortunate citizens to drugs and alcohol for monetary gain, and then prohibit the same substances that they are now dependent on. Lock them up when they find inventive and illegal ways to procure them. (Prohibition, Heroin epidemic one and two, tobacco crisis, opiate epidemic, Crack epidemic of the 90's; need I go on?) We encourage immigration under the guise of asylum and "freedom", and then without warning and with much racial bias, shut on and off the borders as we see fit. Deporting and arresting those who initially entered the country 100% legally.

Yeah, we're in shock, maybe a little scared. But maybe it's only because the pictures are more High Definition (the blood is brighter, and you can see the anguish on the faces of ACTUAL people) we no longer have to wait until the next day or three to read about this madness in the newspaper. We get a 24hr live feed of what is happening in this world that we have created and continue to create for ourselves. We will be outraged for a week, sad for our children's future, and then we will be back to our beach vacations and hilarious cat videos and memes about being exhausted. This really isn't that atypical America..

We aren't going to do anything different than we are currently doing. The same thoughtful left will continue to denounce hate. "Hate has no home here." The same group of activist will tirelessly work their butts off on the front lines. The severe conservatives will continue on with life #winning, business as usual; or better yet find a way to justify or make excuses. Moderate conservatives will post their statements of their support, without actually doing anything besides "keeping us in their prayers" 🙏 and the world will go on...

We make just an INCH of progress in human rights for every revolution the earth makes around the sun. Unfortunately, every eclipse, we take a whole foot step back.
We have literally had more progress in the quality of the iPhone camera in the past 10 years than we have had in settling racial tension in the past 26 years. Do you realize that the Rodney King incident happened in 1991?! 1991, and we still have the same fucking issues! Apparently "We can't all just get along". How are we still surprised by these incidents? I've never been to Africa, I'm obviously not from Africa, but maybe the KKK and those other supremists are on to something. "Go back!" Ok, you guys fund a program, and me and mine are so totally outie!🛫

The KKK has been allowed to exist and function in some way or fashion as an entity since 1865; funny seeing that was the same year slavery was "abolished". They like to say that their message is not about hate or racism, but more "Keeping their superior race pure". Great you do that! Awesome! Create a dumb little inbred island; you know what, take Florida, I'm sure it can be chipped of. We can rebuild Disney. 
But I'm no dummy, I'm onto them 😉; our government on the other hand, not so much. We as a nation allow them to gather because they are a "religious group" and have "political affiliation". We all know what they do. They have weapons, show up to protests in RIOT GEAR, and love to set shit on fire, but for some reason we never hear about these rallies getting shut down violently by police. 🤔 But do you all remember that little group called The Black Panther? They couldn't even open up a soup kitchen without getting arrested. Sorry for the sidebar*

Other countries have outlawed or banned the KKK from gathering due to their violent and 'racist- terror' way of handling things, but not our America. This is the land of the free, and we let everyone get together in large groups, fly their freak flag and light shit on fire .. Unless they're black or brown.

I'm not angry, I'm not scared, I'm just tired. I wonder if this is what Afghani women feel like; if they turn on the fake news or go on the Facebook and are just like "Oh this shit again 😒.."