America The Beautiful

Jul. 9, 2017

As we all know, or maybe don't know. There are certain activist groups and religious groups who do not pledge allegiance the flag, or rise with hands over hearts for the national anthem. *If you think about the act of pledging full allegiance, agreeing with everything an administration does, and being willing to lay down your life for; that's a big effing deal.* Imagine a modern day "Hail Hitler" this is what it's like for some.
It's not because these folks don't love their country, it's because they either put their love for their God, or personal convictions/beliefs first. They may be willing to lie their life down for their God or family before country. I was inspired to write this blog due to the recent holiday of course, and recent drama surrounding Colin Kapernick. It was the 4th of July, and I realized that I didn't care. America today is much more important to me than celebrating America then. Juneteeth matters more to ME.
And in regards to Kaepernick..
The things we as humans can say about and do to other humans when we don't care to understand their lives and life struggles is truly sad and disgusting. If we just took 5 minutes to educate ourselves on each other's differences, we could solve most of life's problems. Either that, or make the conscious effort to ignore things that don't pertain to our lives. I saw the Kaepernick thread, and went to comment with a sad face, and then all of the negative and "kill yourself comments" made me angry. I commented without thinking it all the way through, the calm, let's educate the masses Fee came after. Here's my comment ""Fucking ignorant comments of the privileged. I'm so lucky that I'm surrounded by folks of all colors who choose to ask questions, choose to support, and make silly uneducated comments out of love rather than hate and disdain. This thread is just a sad reflection of what's wrong with our country right now. Everyone cares only about themselves and their small box of beliefs, and no one else's life counts. Hurting others through nasty comments and actions is more common than holding the door open for someone. I guess we just feel better when we tear people down? #Disgusting

FYI: He's as much a black man as he's a white man as he's a hu-man; unfortunately he's a brown human in America, so his actions piss off the majority rather than inspiring the masses. He's not the first pro athlete who's taken this particular stand, and there are several sub-sects of the population who don't salute or pledge.""

The Pledge of Allegiance (pledge)

In 1892 our original pledge was written. Congress adopted it as the pledge in 1942. The official name of The Pledge of Allegiance was adopted in 1945. The last change to it was on Flag Day in 1954.

Our original pledge writers wanted to include the words "equality and fraternity" behind or before "liberty and justice for all" but chickened out knowing they would receive scrutiny from committee members who did not believe in such for women or blacks.

Our pledge has been revised three times "officially" twice having been since Congress adopted it. Adding "Under God" only in 1954. 1954!! Can you believe that?! Do you know what else was on the rise in the early 50's? You guessed it; immigration to the brave, refinanced New world. Literature suggests that this was America's way of forcing immigrants, especially immigrant children to swear fealty and loyalty every school day to this new country, new way of life, and new God/ new religion. If they're coming over, we're going to be sure that they walk, talk, act, and pray like we do. We are one of the few countries WITHOUT a national religion; the "melting pot" accepting of all, yet "Under God" is still in the pledge? πŸ€”

So... Contrary to what most believe, our "founding fathers" had nothing to do with the pledge of allegiance, and they certainly had no thoughts on adding God to the pledge of allegiance or to current currency.

You might find yourself asking, How can we be "One nation indivisible" when for four years of our young history were just the opposite; DIVIDED by a CIVIL war?! Welp, the pledge of allegiance was our new beginning. Written after the last cannon blew, and the last slave was set free, Yay!!!

A more fitting pledge of allegiance, I feel, would go as follows.
~"I pledge Allegience to these divided States of America. And to the Democratic Republic for which it stands. One nation under whichever God you believe, with provential Liberty, and Justice for those who look and believe a certain way."~

That way it tells the truth about where this county stands, rather than giving a false hope of freedom that is surely to be dashed. 😁😊

The Star Spangled Banner (SSB).

Written 1814, the SSB started out as a battle poem inspired by the American flag (no wonder it's a bear to sing), and was put to stolen sheet music.

It was adopted by The House and Congress in 1931 after much pressure from around the world that America have a national anthem.

To put it bluntly, the SSB is a pre-abolition era racist melody about war and death. In it's entirety, it speaks of slavery, cannons (not fireworks), blood running in the streets, and uses the word 'grave' to rhyme with brave. It reads quite beautiful as a poem, but when they only sing/play the first stanza as our anthem it feels like they are hiding something bigger. Do you remember learning the SSB in it's entirety in school? I don't... but.. my memory is failing. Can you really blame someone for not wanting to pledge fealty to a lie by omission? I mean, what's wrong with "America the beautiful, anyways?"

The pledge and the national anthem are just symbols. Symbols that represent a less tolerant America. Symbols that don't represent all Americans. Some people don't want to worship, pledge to, or hail "false idols". Call it "un-American!" if you like, but that song, and that pledge aren't very "American" as it stands. Being one thing is un-American, and the quicker we all understand that, the better off we will be.

I love being American, I mean I didn't really have a choice in the matter... πŸ‘§πŸΎπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘§πŸΎπŸ”’ Being American means I get to write this blog; share my crazy inspired brain thoughts and lots of words.😜