Not Your Typical Blog Post

Mar. 7, 2017

Hello Again.

Just to remind you. The date is now 3-7-17. My purchase date and the date that I was charged for the product I've yet to receive was 9-26-16. We've celebrated 🍗  Thanksgiving, 🎅 Christmas, a 🎉New Year, and ❤Valentine's day since my order was placed and processed. 162 days! Season's have changed, and the new leader of the free world uses the made up word "bigly" as an adjective!!! 
I realize that this was a sale item, and the price I paid for said item may not make this an important matter to you; but I ordered it because I loved it and felt as if I couldn't live without it in my snarky T-shirt collection. I'm missing my item, and my funds, which is not ok; and this is actually really bad business (something about services rendered I'm sure). It is truly unfortunate that I did not check out the Better Business Bureau website before I allowed you to steal my money while simultaneously crushing my hope in humanity and my adorable T-shirt dreams. 
Again this is in regards to the incomplete Order #51285. I look forward to hearing from you; Thanks! 

Felicia Wood BSN, RN