In Death: A gunless society

Feb. 5, 2017

One of my favorite series is J.D. Robb's In Death series. A near futuristic crime thriller set in a world where guns are outlawed even by the police. Yep, that's right, the police don't even carry firearms. I began reading this series years ago, and still continue to (there are like a zillion volumes). From the beginning, I imagined what a society could be like if only we were to rid ourselves of the dangerous projectiles able to mow down hundreds with the pull of a single trigger. It's not like the bulk of us NEED to hunt for food. Those who consider themselves 'civilized' and better than savages simply continue to do it as part of their patriarchally archaic culture. Hanging and diaplaying anatomies of carcasses to show others how manly and superior they are. I'm no vegetarian by any means; these aren't 'views', just historical gleanings on a certain culture's norms.

So, are these pipe dreams? Crazy musings of a lady who reads too much? Well of course; but what if? It's not a completely off the wall concept. People will chant #GunsDontKillPeoplePeopleKillPeople, well you're totally right. "Caine killed Able with that rock/stone, the rock didn't do it. We didn't ban rocks!" But, if Caine had 10 more older brothers and a firearm of sorts, his weapon of choice may have been different; and therefore the massacre could've been even more severe. We've seen it time and time again, greed and jealousy turn families against each other; and the weak prevail because they are able to overpower through the use of a firearm. That's the true argument here. I don't have a dog in this fight honestly, I'm on the fence (I enjoy the shooting range, and have considered obtaining my concealed carry).

There is only one side to this gun argument if you really dissect it. Who wants mass carnage? Psychopaths, sociopaths, and the like; but for the most part, nobody wants to hurt anyone, they just want a license to "just in case". We as a nation fought violently for independence and freedom, continue to fight for many other 'freedoms', and hope to avoid large amounts of life loss as whole (I feel deep down, despite the state of the union, like this is a mostly true statement). The ones of us looking to protect ourselves, families, country, and home, are just hoping that mass terror doesn't go down as a result of our right/freedom to 'bear arms'. The 'good guys with guns' are just simply going to protect the collective US from the 'bad guys with guns' Right? But the lines are blurred often, so we find ourselves in discussion quite frequently.

In many European countries police officers are called Peace Keepers, and they do not carry guns at all. In Britain, you know them the 'horrid' folks from whom we won our independence, the coppers do not typically carry firearms. The place that bred Jack the Ripper, Fred and Rose West, and continues to bang out some of the sketchiest gang violence of the world, yet still they feel that the ones tasked to protect and serve do not need guns in everyday routine situations. Hmmmm.?.?.? They are all trained to use firearms, all trained to disarm subjects; but walking down the street you won't see coppers with sidearms. If swat is warranted, then yes the high powered weapons come out, but otherwise, nope. I guess respectful rapport and a tazer goes a long way over there.

Let's take Iceland for instance, their police force doesn't routinely carry firearms, yet they have a similar law allowing citizens to own them for hunting and personal protection. 33% of all Icelanders own firearms legally. Iceland's population is only ~388,000, and it's said to have the happiest people, but it's not untouched by drugs and other dark violence. Since the advent of the Icelandic police, they have had only one fatal police shooting. Resulting in the death of an armed suspect. In this instance, the police arrived in full tactical gear with ballistic shields, and firearms at the ready, responding appropriately to calls of shotgun fire. After two officers were hit, the gunman was taken down, and later pronounced dead in the hospital. Immediately following the incident, the entire police force apologized to the Victim's family, and the whole community for needing to take such extreme measures and take a life. The Icelandic police still remember, and mourn that day as the only day in the force's history that they have taken a life. 12/2/13.

Since Iceland is tiny, and happy, we'll compare it to the US on a smaller scale to make it fair. San Jose is the sixth safest city to live in the US, with a population of near a million. Residents are said to be happy, and economy is nuts seeing as it is in the center of Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, despite all of this, police involved shootings resulting in death were four in just 2016 (adjusted for size difference would be ~1.8 per year). Iceland with one in forever, and San Jose with four per Year; its pretty sad. Iceland apologizes, and we're over here trying to cover it up, lie, deny.

In this "In Death" series, they've got it all figured out. Guns are completely outlawed, and the police carry tasers on crack (more like lasers). Only the severely depraved, smart, or physically strong succeed at murder; because without gun powder, you've gotta use those brains. But imagine protecting yourself with a well made, sure to work, always charged taser.

We could always just stop making ammo for common handguns, and 'bing bang boom'. So, what about the black market, smuggling, etc... What about it? I've seen War Dogs, I know how it goes. Elicit drugs are illegal, yet if someone wants it bad enough, they'll pay anything for it; including the consequence of prison.

In conclusion, guns are for war first, hunting second. All of their other uses came into play when people became "lazily crafty": Intimidation, personal/family safety, recreation, competition, Murder, maiming, debilitating.
We really don't need to be walking down the street with a loaded weapon on our backs, shoulders, and hips; comforting to some, means scary AF to others. Take that thing down to the range, because that sweet release is awesome. *Ahhh*

Musings of a silly woman, or the blueprints for Tomorrowland?