Farewell 2016... You Won't Be Missed

Jan. 2, 2017

At the top of the year I was hopeful. I had a fantabulous NYE celebration with my favorite munchkins welcoming 2016, and within months all shell broke lose. Balloons, sweets, hugs, and kisses; a brand new move bringing me closer to family, adoring friends, and a fulfilling career. 2016 really was looking up.

So, what happened?!
In January the Syrian crisis reminded us how terrible our world is, but more importantly how selfish we as Americans can be. We like to make ourselves feel better about those less fortunate by sending goats, adopting children, and sending cash, but when it came to welcoming them into our neighborhoods, homes, and shelters, we allowed our prejudice driven fears try to turn them away.
Next, we have multilevel threats and attacks from ISIS, our wonderful seals led by our graceful leader had already disposed of Bin Laden, and all of a sudden we have a new brown terrorist group using technology and threatening mass terror with huge explosives; great!

Next for Felicia we have a plummet in mom's health which requires me to take seriously finding a job closer to physician's offices and home, which is now Greenville. Change is difficult, but leaving a family of a career is of a whole new level. And to say that it took it's toll, would be an understatement of epic proportions. Finding your footing in a new job, and adjusting to a loved one's failing health does threaten to steal your sparkle.

As if all of this wasn't enough, it seems like the police and civies can't seem to find a mutual respect for each other. Police violence involving black Americans is unfortunately high like always, but now everyone has and iPhone, so the commentary is everywhere! The media doesn't allow you to NOT have an opinion about it, and every social situation begs you to pick a side, however awkward or emotional.

Our presidential candidates give us some hope...Until they don't. Our intelligent, viable options are whittled down to the two that can talk the loudest, and all hope becomes sort of futile and childish.

Brexit happened, which makes America take a step back to at least consider our voting processes, only to do nothing about it.

I had a birthday!!! 30, yes! Got a Brazilian wax (see earlier blog post), went to the Bahamas on a cruise, got a massage (ended up with a rancid hivey rash), and ultimately spent way too much money, fought, and binge ate with my BFF...It was ultimately the best, worst trip of my life.

Sad, unfortunate, and controversial stories; Harambe, the shooting in Orlando, the attack in France, unfortunately there are several more that I can add. All of these acts were horrible on their own respects, but the most disgusting thing about all of them is that we argued and debated over the validity of the tragedies. We really need to stop it. No one, and nothing deserves this ill treatment; to be picked and pulled apart on social media. Example: Harambe. The poor mom was called "unfit", they said "the kid should've been behaving." They said "he's just a gorilla who cares?" Ugh! Does anyone ever hear an unfortunate story and not judge? Just think or say "man, that's awful, I can't imagine what they are going through." then move on. Maybe we can leave our judgy attitudes towards those we don't even know behind, and staet to 'let it go' like we have with this odd year they're calling 2016!

Back to me... Due to practicality, and further failing health of the momster, I decide to give up my 13 years of self made independence, and move Doreen in with me. 😱

November 8th (well 9th) left 67% of Americans dissatisfied with the results of the election. To this day only ~40% are hopeful at all. Well it is what it is, and with 2017, we will be saying goodbye to what will undeniably be an elegantly positive part of history, and hello to the unknown with our new president. Embrace it, or ignore it, I haven't yet decided; but negative I will not be.

Lastly, this year, my baby girl Leila was busted all to shell. Over two weeks in the body shop, and I still don't have her back. I have some serious car love folks. Leila is the first car I've ever chosen for myself, and bought on my own, and this love runs deep. This bond is legit!

In true 2016 fashion, Mariah Carey (once America's first biracial princess) shit the bed in front of the glittery ball and the entire world!! Way to go, and what a sendoff! 😂💩

So, farewell 2016... The only part of me that will miss you is my idiotic muscle memory; I'm certain that I'll sign documents with your vile moniker for weeks to come.

I've started 2017 in much the same way as 2016, here's hoping I have a better time this year... Well if not, I'll have plenty of fodder to blog about 😉