Split~ A Review

May. 18, 2017

A brief synopsis: Split delves into the life of Kevin. A man with (DID) Dissociative Identity Disorder. Kevin has a total of 23 altars, with one more on the verge of breaking through. As with clinical DID, one of (or a small group of) Kevin's alters have a penchant for violence and end up kidnapping three young girls who are to be "sacrificed."

So... I had high hopes for this one and it did not disappoint. I love that it shows DID (dissociative identity disorder) from a legitimate psychological standpoint and an entertainment one. With a director like M. Night, you know that there's going to be a severe run towards the creepy and fantastical, as long as you're prepared for that you'll be thoroughly entertained. I love that there's a doctor here that is fighting for these patients/students. And I love even more that the phrase "Off his meds" is never used; we use them way too much in the psychiatric world. I read a novel series where one of the main characters had DID, and I've been intrigued and obsessed ever sense. There have been clinical cases where one alter within the case have been legally blind and the others can see clearly. Others where one alter is an insulin dependent diabetic, followed by an endocrinologist and the others are not. How amazing is that?!

It's not often I get my hopes up this high for a movie, and not have them shattered. So, let's talk James McAvoy; Yum! Sexy and talented. The art at which he switches personalities is so precise yet subtle.
I wish I could've been a fly on the wall during his auditions, outtakes. Imagine how marvelous it could have been to see him play all of the alters; it would've‚Äč been a day long film, but write in potty breaks, and I'm so there. Like previously stated, it gets a bit fantastical, but this disorder can be a bit fantastical. A psychological thrill ride that had me laughing out loud, exclaiming "gah damn!", and even brought a tear to my eye.

If you're the type that likes the "truth is stranger than fiction" type of thriller, than this one might be for you. Non-believers, beware!