The Thing About The Constitution...

Oct. 13, 2016


This election, people are so touchy... About Everything! Everyone wants to talk about who they are voting for based on "Hating Hillary", "Hating Trump" Always being left or right. But what I'm hearing most, seeing most, and what bothers me most is the comments referring to "losing rights" "losing constitutional rights".

Well firstly, no single human, man, woman, president can make the decision to take away or start slashing at constitutional rights. All of that comes down to an Amendment and a hulluva lot of voting. I don't think either of these bipolar octogenarians are up for writing the 28th Amendment... And no, I'm not being naive. I realize that our rights are at risk constantly. I've seen good people lose their right to use the restroom in which they feel safe in. I've seen it happen to others, and have been refused service in public (non private) establishments. I mean black people have lost the right to drive down the road without fear of being harassed or injured by police. Hell, police may have lost the right to strap on their gear everyday without fear of being hated, feared. Some people can't step into their place of work without the fear of being bullied. And that whole separation of church and state thing; fuhgetaboutit!!

Our rights are literally stripped EVERY DAY as Americans. The right to make educated, unbiased decisions for ourselves about anything for one. The media uses bullying words and scare tactics to keep us in line, help us decide how we feel about issues, but most importantly the media makes sure we remain on opposite sides and continue throwing daggers at the 'other side'.

Alright, so about that 'Right to Bear Arms'... Folks who don't want to sound, well you know, like they are supporting a racist massogynist, will bring that one up... Was that one not put in place before we had an Organized and Unified militia? Like a military that makes other countries quake in fear and shame. You know the same military that found Bin Laden, and for the most part protects us from outside threats.. I don't know what the founding fathers envisioned; but law makers battling civilians with firearms, and children shooting other children with REGISTERED guns certainly couldn't have been it.
I mean, I get it, southerners like to hunt; how about a bow and arrow if you're really hungry? Self defense, ladies? Asp, pepper spray, jujitsu, exacto knife, good ole fashioned throat punch, and if he's trying to get in your pants, I've heard that doing anything gross is a great deterrant (wet your pants, fart, and if you can puke on demand, aim for your vagina), and then go completely limp.

And while we're talking Amendments, should we talk the 13th, or should I save it for another time?