How Many Days Until 2017?

Sep. 20, 2016

Last year was certain to go down in history as #AMostDeadlyYear in terms of fatalities directly related to the police. Unfortunately it seems as if 2016 will surpass a number of almost 1,200 deaths before the year is up. It's almost like our men and women in blue are in a race for some sadistic Guinness world record we don't know about?!
So, let's break it down a bit, and see if *those black folks* really have an argument for all of this #BlackLivesMatter stuff. Of last year's 1,200 fatalities ~550 were of black males. ~500 white males. ~150 mixed, Hispanic, or undetermined race. The source I used (*Washington Post) lumped women in with this last category (this women's equality issue my friends is a blog for another week). Of course in this mix you have those suspects who had weapons, discharged weapons, those who didn't but committed a crime, but there are also the completely innocent.. So, our stats seem about 50/50, right?! ... "Black people, stop whining, they're killing us all #AllLivesMatter!"
Well, hold the phone, consider this before you start sounding all inconsiderate and racist. Because, yes saying #ALM, to a group of people who are suffering is just as rude and racist as repeatedly yelling: "#AllCancersMatter!" on the sidelines of a Race For The Cure* for breast cancer awareness.

Black males between the ages 15 and 34 only make up 2% of the entire population! So that 50/50 starts to look more and more like AMERICAN GENOCIDE. I don't think I need to do the actual math to make the point.

Side note: **Fatal shootings/assaults only* These numbers do not include those citizens merely shot, assaulted, tazed, etc to the point of hospitalization.**

Why? Why is this happening? You would think that last year's god-awful trajectory would've caused an immediate and conservative 'no-killing the citizens' whiplash effect. A 'crack down' on intolerance, and as a whole we as Americans would put ourselves in safer, non threatening situations, right? Well, I'm not sure how much more non threatening a guy on the ground with his hands up can be, but I'm not a cop in a highly charged (routine) situation either.

Oh... You're saying that black men should stop "looking threatening", "dressing hood", "being big". Well I'll try and get that message out. Black men stop wearing clothes that expresses your individual style that is deeply rooted in CULTURE, because it 'scares' people and you might be assaulted or SHOT by police because your car broke down, and you "Look like a Bad Man". If we can get them all to slouch, wear dickies to their navels, and of course they will keep their hands up; will that help do you think?

Since we are a society of blaming, and it can't ALWAYS be about race (can it?) Who or what can we actually blame? I mean, it's a bit much at this point, All people are dying here... Some want to blame the media. Saying that "It's always been this way, only now we have easy access to live footage, etc." There is truth and fiction to that one. Yes, it has always happened, but not since the 90's have the numbers been this staggering. Hadn't we all hoped that we lived past these moments, that our children wouldn't have to read about us, themselves and our trials and tribulations in their history books? So what do I blame these days (ya know, besides blatant racism?)
My theories are Fear and Political unrest.

The fear comes from both sides. The police are hyperaware and afraid because it is obvious that a lot of people have lost respect for them. Undue, and unfair, but it is the reality. Lack of respect, means lack of control, which in turn means panic. Of course the police are afraid to lose control, because this loss means that they can no longer protect us all as a whole.

We, especially black people, are honestly afraid for our safety and our lives. Women are afraid of unfair treatment, but mostly for the lives of their husbands, brothers, and sons, while men are just afraid. As we know a man's fear can often externalize as defensiveness or aggression, and neither bodes well in an encounter with law enforcement.

What does Political Unrest have to do with all of this? Crime rates are always higher in election years. And this election seems over the top and MORE everything, including being more racially charged than the last two; as if everyone has forgotten... That our president... Is... Already... Black. We've got the hopeless versus the less hopeless, versus the overtly hopeful. Election 2016 has gotten everyone stressed and off of their game; unfortunately when you're in law enforcement, that's not tolerated. #BlameTrump ;)

So, I'd like to apologize posthaste, because this blog entry was supposed to be a fun romp about light girly things. Ugh! What can I say, I was inspired... The rest is History..