Jul. 15, 2016

Much like when the catholic church got a bad wrap a couple of decades ago regarding a percentage of priests and their 'sins' against boys; a group of cops aren't doing much to help the profession. After a recent Facebook post that outlined a frightening, and infuriating instance of police harassment that I endured with my mother, I was flooded with love and several more accounts from friends of similar instances.

I said it once and I'll say it again. I respect Police Officers, I appreciate them, and I need them. But, respect is mutual, is earned, and can also be lost. I've lost respect for those officers who have harassed me for whatever reason, who have harassed those close to me, and for those who have discharged their firearms in the line of duty with fury and hate in their hearts and on their faces. These officers, like that percentage of priests, are giving cops near and far, a bad name. This of course is no justification for retaliation "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"people! (Going into this election, we need both eyes open and seeing 20/20!)This small percentage of cops is no justification for the loss of more life, is no justification for the hash tag #NoJusticeNoPeace, is no justification to teach hate and disrespect to young minds. Ever heard of this one "Kill em with kindness."? We as a people can take that vow can't we? I'd like to think so, I mean we did that dumbass prom promise! Smile at the police, be respectful to them first, don't question them, and within reason follow instructions? It is really hard to be mean to a law abiding citizen who has on their best cheer smile. (I did say hard, not impossible. The small percentage still runs deep within some).

I'm a Nurse, I respect Nurses. But just like cops we're also people. Some people are good people, some are less than. Historically there have been just a few nurses who have purposefully, and others unintentionally ended lives or made patients sicker. So because of these things, and because "I gg-g-got a good brain" I don't blindly support all nurses just because I am one, I don't blindly agree with all nurses just because I am one. So I don't understand the "all cops standing behind a cop who is found to be in the wrong" deal. A cop found guilty of a criminal offense, is now a CRIMINAL. You support that then you're not only a supporter of corruption in the system, but of criminals, so congratulations!

I believe that it is totally ok and somewhat necessary to Objectively look at a situation. Remove all outlying factors; age, race, religion, background, occupation, etc... and therefore bias, that way one can determine whether you feel like what happened was actually just, did it horrify you?

Ex. 1
A person is shot and killed in front of family, during what was reported to be a routine traffic stop.
~Do we not agree that this is a horrible situation?

Ex. 2
An armed person shot and killed 5 five people, and injured more while they were engaged at the workplace.
~Do we not agree that this is an equally horrible situation?

Ex. 3
Man in mixed crowd (men, women, children) proceeds to wave about a hatchet. Man is tackled by authorities, resists, and is tazed. Man is arrested and released days later.
~Do we agree that hatchet waving and resisting arrest is only a misdemeanor?

Now why is it that some lives are worth more than others? Why do we continue to let the media repeatedly force us to NEED to know "his history", "her sex life", "was she black or white?", "their service to the country", "how beautiful or handsome they were" before we can decide to care about the senseless loss of life? All lives are worth something in death, aren't we all worth a complete investigation, candlelight vigil, and a fundraiser?

So in closing, let's not let "One Bad Apple Spoil The Bunch". We need get rid of the spoiled apples, and keep on bobbin' Overall, the sooner we all realize that we are ALL just PEOPLE, all of the world's problems will be solved; but "Rome wasn't built in a day", so...
Here's hoping that recent events, and future ones (more electoral events) will make people realize that we need police officers, and more respectful, dutiful, and trustworthy individuals will become cops and "lead by example"... Now that one is achievable, Right?