Born A Crime: Trevor Noah

Here is a review by Felicia:

It wasn't even a question if I was going to buy this book and love it; the only question was how soon this would happen... The answer, was obviously ... Immediately! I enjoyed him the first time I saw his stand up, and that fandom has grown exponentially with my daily doses of "Thoughts from my mind straight to Trevor Noah's adorable mouth" on the Daily Show.

I appreciated how this book was broken into parts, kept the flow from being too overwhelmingly discombobulating. With a personality like his, it could've easily gotten sidetracked several times, but the 'parts/sections' were well placed and he as an author did a great job at completing thoughts and keeping his hilarious riffs on track and relevant. Sometimes when you read a memoir or coming of age story, it's all over the place and can be hard to follow, that doesn't happen here; which is refreshing.

I much enjoyed my refresher course in apartheid, and appreciate the unbiased, 'tell it like it is' political informational as well.
"Black people's dogs don't play fetch" just one of the many quotes about race differences that had me nodding and rolling! I absolutely adore a book with pop culture references (and this book had a bounty), makes the characters even more real/tangible, and puts the reader in the book. So many jaw-dropping moments of "ohmigod!", and "he did not?!", and I'm certain I'll be chanting "Go Hitler! Go Hitler! Go Hitler!" in my mind for weeks!

I honestly didn't think I could love Trevor Noah any more; I must say that I've gone from normal appreciative fan, to full on adult #FanGirl.

Pamela (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 3)

I love Rylee Adamson as a character, and S. Mayer is a true favorite. I'm not missing any of these books!
I have always been ambivalent towards Pamela as a character. I absolutely loved her at first, then she began to grate on my nerves; you know how teenagers can be. So, needless to say, I was both excited to get to know Pammie through her story and unimpressed that her tale was next.

I very much appreciated how whenever Pamela learned a new spell or a new 'ability' she didn't just snap her fingers and was able to perform. We're taken through the process efficiently, yet descriptively, and we get to see the work put in by young Pamela. Getting inside of her head was really good for me, mad me #TeamPamela; I totally understand her now. Learning her history directly from her, and with her at times has aided the bonding process between Pamela and the myself, the reader. Her interactions with Oka were especially sweet, and I also enjoyed the few new characters that we come across.

Rylee, among others have rubbed off on Pam positively, but she's definitely her own person; and despite her young age is quite womanly many times. She definitely puts on those big girl pants and makes some heavy decisions for the good of her family/pack and for the welfare of others; it's admirable.

I was both impressed and not with that ending though. Why, God, WHY?!?! You give me back so much greatness, and now I have to wait until the next epilogue to see how it all plays out?! #WaitingSucks!

Justice For Mickie (copy/paste link to your browser)

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Jilo: Witching Savannah book #4

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