Dec. 1, 2016

I haven't wanted to jinx it, but... I've had another giant axillary abscess. After my ridiculously long and painful ordeal this past and first time, I adamantly swore off of traditional Western medicine. I just could NOT with the antibiotic side effects and severe allergic reactions. Not to mention the recurrent procedures of slicing into my already tender and infected flesh only to have more holes to heal. #30SucksBTW, but it's not going anywhere. Taking matters into my own hands: I have self diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and have perused online support groups and threads. This embarrassing and sometimes debilitating disorder unfortunately seems to be a chronic condition, and can go along with many autoimmune and musculoskeletal disorders. 😣😔😖

Just like always it starts off as a painful pea under the skin and within HOURS, tripled in size; growing extremely red and very hot to touch. By day two, it was the size of a large egg, thus compromising arm mobility and sound sleep. Using the small arsenal of homeopathic supplies I already own, I set to concocting.

Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Is literally a cure all, and I'm never without it at home. I could list it's properties, uses, and health benefits; but I'm sleepy, and this blog wasn't even supposed to happen.

Raw Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil: Much like ACV, the benefits of organic unrefined coconut oil are virtually endless. Hair, skin, breastfeeding related nipple damage, stool softener, fungicide, just to name a few.

Tea Tree essential oil (TTO): TTO is antibacterial, antifungal (buh-bye yeast), antiparasitic (lice don't stand a chance) and more.The one I buy, and literally am never without, is cut with Lavender oil. The lavender helps with the strong smell, and stronger slightly caustic effect that it can have on skin when used full strength and alone.

Mad Scientist: The coconut oil acts as a 'carrier' for the other two to get to work quickly. Mixing equal parts of the three into a two ounce apothecary spray bottle (yes I bought a 10 pack of these like a year ago), and shaking vigorously; you will end up with a solution that has proven to be nothing short of a smelly miracle. *In addition, I also take a half packet of Emergen-C and mix with a half to full ounce of ACV to take orally once per day*

Saturate a sterile gauze and wrap in place with co-ban or an ace wrap to aid absorption and protect my life from the smell of pickled flesh. Unfortunately, I discovered that I'm sensitive to all medical tapes/adhesives (silk, paper, cloth and Co-ban if worn for too long), as well as large Band-aid bandages. An armpit bordered in tape burns and bliters have taught me to #WrapItUp. So once my home interventions are applied and taken, I set to work on

Amazon Prime is Ah-mazing, and came in handy when I needed organic supplies that my local grocer either didn't have, or wanted to sell to me for the low low price of one left arm and one right leg.

Turmeric: In my research, I found that Turmeric acts as a wonderful tool to decrease the inflammatory response, boost immunity, and help pull the infection through your system. Unfortunately, I am a card carrying member of the small percentage club of people who can't tolerate the wonder that is Turmeric. I found out a couple of years back, that I have a severe reaction and gut issue (possibly leaky gut) with the spice/supplement as I've tried it in the past for my arthritis. Massive abdominal distention and trapped gas don't seem so bad, and then you realize that it ha been a week and you look more like 30 weeks pregnant with the worlds angriest gas baby. The word 'discomfort' takes on a whole new meaning in your life when your gaseous distention is creating new abdominal stretch marks.
I'm really hoping that I've found the solution in 'Enteric coated Turmeric with Bioperene and flax seed oil.' Gingers crossed that it bypasses my stomach, decreasing acidic gas, and achieves maximum absorption in the intestines.

L-Glutamine: Just in case it (Turmeric) still affects my tummy, I ordered the supplement L-Glutamine. Just like my other friends listed above, it's a veritable cure all and miraculous natural energy booster. L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that is critical in brain function (memory and focus), metabolism, and building lean healthy muscle.

Amazon's 2-day shipping made sure that I had these additional supplements to add to my treatment regimen by day three.

Currently it is day SIX, and my unwanted visitor has shrunk back down to the size of a pea/dime, is no longer red hot, and is virtually painless. This is only after 6 days, not even a week! To put this in prospective... During my last debacle, I saw the doctor five times in an only 11 day period, and completed a round of antibiotics that were later doubled and extended a week. By day eleven/twelve, I was covered in severe hives, was forced to take Zofran with each dose of antibiotics due to the extreme nausea and had yet to move my bowels (yep, just went there). And let's not forget that I was also still battling a low grade fever, and had been Cut Into four times!!!

As a nurse, I strongly believe in the marvels and benefits of modern medicine..
But... Sometimes, you gotta take it back to basics. #HippieStatus

Dec. 1, 2016