Reading is my favorite pass time. I love doing many things; many things I plan to share here (most of them are dorky things), but at the end of the day, it always comes back to a good book. I'm never bored when waiting, because every device I own is loaded with all of my latest books. Traffic, no problem because I'm also down with the audio book game. (Sidenote: I'm super impatient, waiting sucks balls, traffic is like hot balls, but a good book makes it tolerable-ish)

Because of my book love, and appreciation of the English language, grammar is important to me. I'm most excited when I get a new release from a favorite author. I literally set a new reading goal each year; because I've got to keep my favorite feature (uh, my brain) sharp, ingeneius and full of wit, fantasy, and dirty sex scenes. I'm most excited when I get a new release from one of my favs. I don't yet have children, so my latest proud moment was beta reading (and supplying a few edits) for a favorite author and appearing in the acknowledgements. #Winning #AlwaysReading



Because I'm a night shift nurse working 12+ hour shifts, when working, sleep can be hard to come by. Prescription medications, homeopathic remedies, blackouts, sleep masks, and many more tricks are in my repertoire. Because I don't sleep so well on work days, I will make up for it periodically, on what I call "dead days". The phone goes on silence, and I'll stay in bed and practically "die" for 12-14 hours at a time. DDs are vital for my survival, and dealing with my chronic pain. My life has revolved around sleep and the lack thereof, but I wouldn't change it. #NightShiftIslife


I'm a nurse. It's what I do, but it is also who I am. It sculpts every aspect of my life, and I don't go a day without being reminded why I chose this career. I feel that it makes me a more caring, open-minded, and empathetic person (when I'm at work); off duty, you fuckers are on your own! ;) I kid, I kid!


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